How it works

barsThe Coco Club is a monthly free delivery service of freshly made Coco Chocolate. Members of the Coco Club also enjoy Club rewards and a Coco Club card

The Coco Club is a FREE DELIVERY service. So the money you spend returns to you 100% in Coco Chocolate treats. Just like coming to the Coco Chocolate store but without the hassle of travelling to Kirribilli!

You can choose a Coco seasonal mixed collection or all dark, all milk, all white, the children’s collection, all 90%+ cacao mass, all no sugar/ no sweetener or all vegan dependant on your and your recipients tastes and dietary needs (all Coco Chocolate is gluten free)

The Club will deliver firm favourites and new seasonal specials in the range. The Club selection will change on a monthly basis

Don’t like change?! There is also a Coco Favourites Collection in milk, white and dark chocolate that will deliver the same favourites every month if preferred or contact us if you know exactly the products you would like every time!

If you run out of chocolate between your monthly delivery, or want to add additional Coco favourites, as a member of the Coco Club your Club Card offers you a 10% discount for purchases over $25 on the full range (excluding drinks served) in our flagship Kirribilli store or online for extra deliveries at Club prices (please note the regular $15 flat delivery fee is applicable for extra deliveries)

You can set up a Coco Club just for you and enjoy your monthly delivery and rewards. You can also set up multiple delivery addresses for multiple recipients – so you can set up a monthly delivery service for you, your spouse, parent, far away friend, rewarded colleague or all five! A hand written card service is available for all deliveries you set up with a special message for each delivery. Your friends and family members will thank you everytime they receive your gift and you can relax knowing the Coco concierge is arranging this for you

You can cancel your subscription at any time (see Coco Club FAQs and Customer Service for full details)

We hope you enjoy being a member of The Coco Club – a sweet indulgence with sweet rewards!

Let the Coco Sirens Tempt You to Chocolate Bliss!