Coco Gourmet Cubes
Coco Raisins of the VineyardCoco Scorched HazelnutsCoco Gourmet CubesOlives de Provence

Coco Chocolate Gourmet Cubes

Our Best Selling Nut, Coffee Bean and Spiced Raisin Collection in Small Cubes

Perfect for a Small Gift, A Mix for a Dinner Party Addition, A Christmas Stocking Filler or a Treat that Fits in any Small Bag

The selection includes
Coco Cocoa Dusted Almonds
Coco Scorched Hazelnuts
Coco Olives de Provence
Coco Coffee Beans in 3 Chocolate Mix (Dark, Milk and White with Cinnamon)
Coco Raisins of the Vineyard

Price: $9.50