Coco Plum Pudding Bar Set
Coco Plum Pudding Bar DarkCoco Plum Pudding Bar WhiteCoco Plum Pudding Bar Milk171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_235171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_232171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_227171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_219171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_211Coco Plum Pudding Bar Set171012_CocoChoc_PlumPudding_202

Plum Pudding Chocolate – BOX SET

Organic dark, milk and white chocolate bars, blended with ground dried sweet plums and spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, nutmeg and clove. Tastes just like plum pudding in a bar.

Beautifully presented in our art series Box Set with three bar boxes with plum pudding detail.

Originally Coco Chocolate


Price: $39.95