Coco No Sugar No Sweetener
Coco No Sugar No SweetenerI Quit Sugar

Coco NO SUGAR NO SWEETENER Hot Cross Bun Spice Bar

The Signature Coco Easter NO SUGAR NO SWEETENER Hot Cross Bun Spice Bar

As Featured as the I Quit Sugar Hot Cross Bunarama in 2015

Organic Dark Chocolate Made with Cacao Mass, Vanilla and Blended with Coco Hot Cross Bun Spice Blend of Herbies Cinnamon, Nutmeg, All Spice, Star Anise and Clove

An exceptionally high cacao mass bar with NO sugar and NO sweetener. The strong cacao flavour is rich and heady and surprisingly easy to adjust to

The perfect alternative for those who want to have NO sugar in their diet or simply enjoy strong dark chocolate with all the cacao flavour but no sweet taste As close to the original cacao bean and traditional history of the Aztec and Mayan enjoyment of cacao as you can get!

Though this product is not made with sugar or dairy – please note warning of traces of dairy, soy, nuts and sugar as these are stored in the manufacturing kitchen. Gluten free

Available at Easter Only

Price: $10.95