ethical trading

Coco Chocolate principal buyer’s commitment to ethical trading of plantations used to supply Coco cocoa beans.

QUOTE: “Our commitment to the Ethical Trading Initiative as a further specification of our definition of Ethics.

A. Employment is freely chosen, there is no forced labour and people are free to leave their employer after reasonable notice. The plantations create opportunities for long lasting employment.

B. The plantations respect the freedom of association and all workers without distinction have the right to join or form trade unions. Plantations will always look for harmonising the interests of the different stakeholders and will attempt to avoid social conflicts. Whenever reasonably possible, plantations will create working conditions that are ahead of what is legally required.

C. The working conditions are safe and hygienic and take adequate measures to prevent accidents and injury; minimizing so far as is reasonably practicable the causes of hazards inherent to the working environment.

D. We strongly oppose to slavery, abusive child labour practices or the employment of persons in hazardous conditions.

E. Wages and benefits are paid for work delivered and meet at minimum national legal standards.

F. The plantations practice working hours that are not excessive and that are conform to local laws and regulations. Overtime is voluntary and is duly compensated.

G. There is no discrimination in hiring, compensation, retirement, etc. based on race, class, religion, culture, age, sex, political affiliation, or nationality.

H. The plantations provide regular employment for our people, based on a recognised and formalised relationship. The contracts offered are always in line with or better than national law and national social security practice.

I. The plantations do not allow any form of physical or psychological abuse. Sexual harassment, verbal abuse or other forms of intimidation are prohibited.

The above code of conduct constitutes a minimum and not a maximum standard for the plantations used for supply of Coco Chocolate.”

At the same time, we expect our all of suppliers and other parties involved in our business to comply by similar minimum standards.

Coco Chocolate is also organic and completely GM free. All dark chocolate is vegan. Our chocolate is also gluten free.