Connoisseur Evenings

CocoStill2A one hour event at the flagship Kirribilli store where you will learn about chocolate and taste a variety of sublime samples

You will learn the Process of Making Chocolate from Bean to Bar, tasting pure cocoa nibs and beans in their pure state

Find out what Chocolate Tempering means and how it is achieved by the Coco Chocolatiers

Learn how to know what is REAL chocolate. You will learn five sensory tests of what makes a superior chocolate bar

You will have an opportunity to taste and enjoy chocolate from Madagascar and The Caribbean – comparing the two distinct cocoa beans – just like wine tasting

Speaking of wine, you will enjoy a glass of Mas Amiel, a rich French Grenache – regarded by chocolatiers and chefs alike as the only true accompaniment to chocolate

After the hour of fun, tastings & knowledge you will be presented with your very own Chocolate Connoisseur Certificate for the Fridge at home!!



For Dates please call the Kirribilli store (02) 9922 4998 10.00am – 6.00pm

The event is held once a month on a Friday evening at 7.00pm

Private groups and events are warmly catered for


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