A Pilu and Coco collaboration!

Pilu & Coco Chocolate

During the Cortes Apertas (Open Doors) Festival in Sardinia, artisans open their homes to celebrate their work in food, wine and the arts. In collaboration with Chef Giovanni Pilu of Pilu at Freshwater, Coco Chocolate has now opened the door to a whole new taste experience – the sweetest of culinary journeys.

Our new Cortes Apertas range celebrates rosemary, orange, sage, coffee, spices, honey, almonds and dates, all lovingly embedded in Domori Supreme Chocolate – a ‘single origin chocolate’ among the most pure produced, anywhere in the world.

The Domori story itself is a gem of Italian gastronomic heritage, stemming from the time Gianluca Franzoni landed in Venezuela in 1993 and became fascinated by what he termed ‘the magic of cacao’. For years Franzoni lived on Venezuelan plantations, working on a plan to launch a business focussed on bringing to market Criollothe highest quality, most rare and prized of all cacao. He called his business Domori – representing Venezuela’s two dark, toasted beans: coffee and cacao.

Franzoni’s passion led to Domori recuperating heritage varieties, helping conserve the biodiversity of cacao and actually halting the very extinction of Criollo. Even today, the annual quantity of Criollo produced with a purity (or cocoa mass) of 90%, represents less than 0.001% of world cacao production.

This story, told by Chef Pilu to our Chief Chocolatier Rebecca Kerswell, has led to the creation of a range that makes chocolate a gourmet food – a rare product with an aromatic richness comparable to a fine wine or top quality coffee – now, yours to savour.

Pilu & Coco Milk Chocolate with Almonds, Dates & Amaro Honey – Buy Now


Pilu & Coco Collaboration Dark Rosemary – Buy Now


Pilu & Coco Collaboration Dark Orange & sage – Buy Now


Pilu & Coco Collaboration White with Coffee & Cinnamon – Buy Now


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