The 25 Days of Christmas Collection + discount for six or more

On December 1 and every day after until the 25th, a new surprise awaits you or your clients in Coco Chocolate’s ‘25 Days of Christmas’ Collection… a sweet treat that’s almost like unwrapping a mystery gift in itself.

This is the most beautiful box of 25 chocolates for celebrating a gourmet Christmas (or indeed, the ultimate Advent Calendar). For businesses, deliver these to your clients by December 1st and they’ll be thinking of you every day ‘til Christmas.

The chocolate itself is exquisite and available in organic dark, milk or white chocolate… or a mix of all three! And each of the 25 squares features a hand-crafted artwork depicting the 25 days until Christmas, made from cacao butter that simply melts in your mouth as the chocolate is savoured. Boxes can be customised with a ribbon in your corporate colours or with a special Christmas message for family and friends.

Treat yourself to a Countdown to remember this Christmas… and take advantage of our bulk buy discount. Purchase six or more boxes before December 1 and receive a $10 per box discount – pay just $39.95 each. (RRP $49.95) – Use discount code: TBC